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The world would have been better without death, today I guess nothing could comfort me, not music, nor prayers, nor tears, and my heart totally broke apart at the news. My story with her went this way: Her real name is Jennifer Nkemdirim Onyiah (Ezinne) but closer friends would call her Beyonce, maybe it was for her love for music or modeling stature or maybe her fire dancing moves. Her tongue spoke of laughter and fun almost every second, her dance very entertaining. At 2010 I used to stay in Real Estate Uwani Enugu, I lived with a friend Oyilla. I stayed there for one year, my neighbors were Martin Onyia, Chiboy now working in IMT as a cooper among others. I’ve heard about Martin little sister but I never met her, I never saw here or asked after her, though I was closer to Martin than a blood brother would be. Martin is a great friend, hardworking and experienced in many fields, so he always came handy to everyone around, almost everyone liked him so much. Could it be she never wanted us to meet because she knew a day would come and I will starve and mourn for her, did she knew she’d die early? She was sure a good friend would break down for days if anything happened to her. I remember one of our conversation she told me she’d never get married for three reasons, first was that she’d not be able to stay without her mother, unless the man is ready to marry her and agree that she’d bring her mother along with her. Secondly, giving birth is a lot of pains and she would not be able to endure such pains. Lastly, she wishes to stay in shape and should be able to dance and have fun when it stresses her for it. To me those were childish though but in her eyes, I saw some features which made me understood that she was serious and no ordinary word. We were closer than just friends or lovers, she’d come to my room to alert me about anything that troubled her and she’d cry it out, she was a baby, almost all the time she’d miss her mother. When I relocated to ABJ, I tried to call her but number was unreachable and later went dead completely, I failed many times to get to her, so I had to ask Martin for her number on one of those occasions but he gave a wrong number to me, in many occasions I tried but it never happened, so we didn’t reconnect again. On the 27th of July 2013, she gave up her ghost after a brief illness, and on the 1st of August 2013 at 6.03 a.m Martin called and told me on these exact words, “your baby sister is dead”, I asked who? The next word I can remember was Ezinneh. It took me almost 2 hours to realize myself and call back to ask when she’d be buried. On the 2nd of August I left for Udi, Enugu State for her burial, my final respect to my baby sister, on my way I kept seeing little girls of her age, at first glance I thought it was her, but the second look cleared it all, it happened many times that I prayed to God that Ezinneh would be alive. When I got to her compound, I saw someone smiling at me, I almost called her Ezinne with hopes that it’s her but unfortunately it weren’t her. I saw many little girls and each at first would be her and later not her. What is wrong with my head? I begged her to not go, I prayed so hard that she’d wake up but my prayers failed me, now I realize I would have built a better faith in God Almighty, I needed miracle more than anything today but everything failed. Martin was so disorganized and heartbroken, he mourns his younger and little angel, and so were the parents and relatives, friends and neighbors. It took just 48 minutes to bury her but her memories would never go off my head, tears rolled down my chick when I thought about her smile, many stared at me when those tears rolled off my eyes and lucky enough I had a handkerchief but still it was difficult to control, everyone almost noticed. If you ever missed someone who trusted you and came to you in times of trouble and laughter and you were always able to make her happy positively and she took you for an elder brother, then maybe you would be able to guess exactly what thoughts ran through my head. Well, now I look around the compound and I see her almost everywhere, she is dead yes but not gone forever, the only difference I noticed is, while she was alive, she’d come and hug me welcome but now she’s dead, she stayed at a bit distance and smile at me. I still was confused watching everyone, old and young mourning a little girl of 20 years, who do I go and console, who will console me? Her father or mother or Martin or neighbors or who? Tears keep rolling down from my both eyes, I never felt this weak and frustrated about anything before not even when I realize I lost my both parents. I was thinking about all the teachings I’ve heard since my life time, I just wish one is really true, reincarnation as the witnesses teaches, maybe some great friends and families whom I lost in the hustle would resurface somewhere and we meet again someday. The worst is thinking about where we’d go when we pass from this life, I just hope someday I’d be able to see us all. Ezii m, I miss you so much, you were like a younger sister I never had, one thing brought us to same world, love and total trust, but you left before me, it is well with your young soul and you’ll find more peace and harmony in the world you exited into. Someday I will still come over there and I pray we’d still be good friends then. The world seem very worthless when I think about those I lost whom were so dear to me, but all is left tonight is me and a pillow, I wish tears would bring you back, I’m sure your family or friends alone would be able to bring you back, else I would my eyes out for you. Martin Onyia, and the rest of your family, friends and well-wishers, my sincere condolence. Ezeugwu Clivert.
Posted on: Fri, 02 Aug 2013 18:57:38 +0000

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