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“There’s more major-label music talent out of Detroit than any city in the world,” asserted Howard Hertz, an entertainment lawyer and principal of Hertz Strand in Bloomfield Hills. “If you’re talking about New York or Los Angeles or even Nashville, most stars there are from somewhere else, and are drawn to those cities. A lot of times it’s Philadelphia or Atlanta, which also have vibrant music scenes. But more major artists come out of Detroit than anywhere else.” There are other factors as well, including the diversity of Detroit’s music scene cited by Anderson, and the widely acknowledged fact that Metro Detroit is one of the best live-concert markets in the United States. “Detroit is still getting laughed at, with [an ex-mayor] in prison, a city in bankruptcy, a high crime rate,” Nieporte said. “But when you mention music and Detroit in the same sentence, you get a completely different reaction. People know about the musical heritage of the city and that it’s one of the best assets we have going for us.” detroitnews/article/20140201/BIZ/302010032/Motor-City-s-music-scene-helps-drive-economy?odyssey=tab%7Ctopnews%7Ctext%7CFRONTPAGE
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