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There is always a first time. And today I experience something for the first time. I lost Joaquin Santiago in the mall!!! Still shaking from the horrible experience. I know how it feels as I have experienced it so many times before with Bruce. We were in the supermarket checking out the groceries and he was at the end of the counter holding the shopping cart while the bagger loads the groceries. When I saw him playing at the customer service counter slowly moving out to the mall area. As soon as I had a feeling he was going away and never coming back I rushed to go after him. When I got to the mall section he was nowhere in sight. I began to panic big time. Went to the customer service and reported his disappearance. I felt that someone may have taken him. I was so close behind him. The guard began to radio all guards and described him. Since, I couldnt just stand there and wait I went looking for him myself. I looked like a child holding back tears as I asked every guard I see. Half an hour passed I wanted to die. Finally, a smiling security guard and said Maam there he is. He was approaching me running fast but no sign of crying or fear on his face. I asked the guard where did they find him. The guard said in the mens restroom peeing. Now I know why I didnt see him when I went into the mall. The restroom was on to the left side I was looking straight ahead. The guard said Santi went back to the counter and when he didnt see me he went to the mall and looked for me. He went into each cellphone shop. The last store he went to was Smart. He knew that every time we go to the mall I would look at cellphones trying to find a good deal to replace my lost smartphone. I hugged him and I asked why he didnt tell me he wanted to go to the john. He didnt say anything he just kissed me. But his face was sad as he knew I was really worried sick. I told him never to do it again and if he wants to pee to tell me. Just like he always did before. I dont know if he is beginning to be independent and want to do things alone. But I guess its his special abilities to map out all directions in a short span of time. As he knew where to find me in the mall. I concluded he can never be lost because of this special abilities but still that makes me such a bad mum! :( Oh and kudos to the security of SM Center Las Piñas (Official) youre really the best!
Posted on: Tue, 12 Nov 2013 12:01:50 +0000

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