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There was a great discussion on another page earlier in the week, it was in regards to 300kg squatters out of Ptc Brisbane. Ptc Brisbane currently has 8 lifters who have squatted 300kg in competition. From what we could gather, thats the most, followed by Slaughterhouse and Muscle Pit. Not knowing where everybody trains full time makes it hard, at least making it comp squats allows us to search for the results. We currently have 3, Jack Pollard with 317.5kg, Martin Nguyen with 315kg and Chris Robert Iwanowski with 300kg. All 3 did it as juniors, in fact Chris is 20 and Martin is 21 years old. Daniel America and Zoran Jankovski have missed it in a meet but done it in the gym, as has Roger. Spiros got injured attempting it. Dan and Roger now train out of PTC Rowville now, so they should become the first of many 300kg squatters out of there. So here at HQ, we have quite a few on the cusp. Before I get to them, Im pretty confident that Jacks squat will slip from 1st place to 3rd place after ProRawSix. I think the next lifter to squat 300kg out of here will be Zoran. He has dropped 7kg since his last attempt, but Im confident hell have a good crack at ProRawSix. Right behind Zoran we have a group that will squat around 280kg+ at ProRawSix in Dylan Hart, Nick Haralambopoulos, Jake Clinch, Max Markopoulos. By GPC Melbourne Cup in November, I think that we will have a few more 280kg+ squatters in Daniel Smale, Emad Nayef, Shannon Groenendyk and maybe Spiros Markopoulos, depending on his injuries. Nick Ed will be just behind I think, with Arthur Krasicki Sam Nayef and Thomas Krasicki. All 4 will be over 260kg Our goal for 2015 is to get the number of 300kg squatters here at HQ up to 10, and for Chris to squat 350kg. By then, Ptc Brisbane will probably have 20 300kg+ comp squatters
Posted on: Thu, 21 Aug 2014 05:34:30 +0000

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