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There was a man, he was not sick, he was healthy and sound. One day he just slept and didnt woke up, people thought he was still sleeping, they knocked at his door but got no responds from the man, they later tried and forced the door and opened it, behold they found the man dead. Nobody knew what happened to him, according to his neighbors, the man was not sick but he just died like that. Child of God, do you know that there is what is called SPIRITAUL DEATH. Someone might have died spiritually but still alive, the person is just an empty corpse moving, and within some few days he/she will die. Some kingdoms of darkness are responsible for this, they exchange peoples life and add to their own just to live long on this earth. Now by the power in the name of God, I set you free from any satanic attack, any evil man or woman that has exchanged your life, your destiny, your future, your carrier, I pray let God recover it for you today and let that evil man or woman be disappointed in jesus name. Your enemies shall live to see what you will become in future in the mighty name of jesus. Amen. Let the living shout a powerful Amen.
Posted on: Sat, 09 Aug 2014 08:17:57 +0000

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