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Thesis submitted :) Waiting to hear back from my committee in regards to edit and feedback, but I would like to share with you what my committee cant change :) The two sections I enjoyed writing the most: Acknowledgements and Dedication Acknowledgements الحمدلله It gives me great pleasure to express my gratitude to all those who have supported me who contributed in making this thesis possible. First, my supervisor Dr. Asaf Zohar for his support, guidance, motivation and help during my two-year Masters course in Canada. I express my deepest gratitude to Dr. Rory Coughlan for his guidance and supervision of this thesis, as well as his valuable recommendations throughout the process. I would like to show my thanks to everyone I met here in Canada, who has enriched my experience and made me feel welcome in their country. The city where I have lived, Peterborough, itself has taught many good lessons and also has given me several good friends who will always be with me . My colleagues and peers in my Masters program who have taught me a lot, welcomed me and created a safe space for me to share my views, who were very patient listening to my broken English and boring stories. I will never forget the fun we shared and our struggles together to finish our theses. And most importantly, I will never forget the bad words you taught me; these were very useful along the way! I am grateful as well to my friends and colleagues all over the world, particularly those in Jordan, who channeled their love and support despite the long distance. Its my pleasure to acknowledge all the strong women I look up to, for their advice, their support, for believing in me, inspiring me to face my fears and to grow stronger and wiser. I would also like to thank the Arava Institute community for their endless support and love. I cannot imagine my current position without the eye opening experience I had there. I am grateful to my family, for seeing in me what I couldnt see in myself and for planting the seed of love for seeking knowledge and for freedom. For pushing me to be the strong woman I can be. Finally but most importantly, I would like to thank Trent University and the Daughters for Life Foundation for the scholarships they provided. I would not have been able to achieve higher education without this opportunity. I feel very honoured, yet responsible. Three young girls were killed, which initiated the founding of the Daughters for Life scholarship program in their honour. For their souls I say thank you, and I say you will always be alive in my prayers and in my achievements. Dedication I dedicate this work to the one who has taught me how to be passionate, how to be alive, committed, and happy. To the person who has always been ready to help. I would not have accomplished this work without you. You rescued me when I was down, helpless and ready to give up. And now, I want to repay a small portion of your kindness. I have dedicated two years of hard work to this thesis, and I dedicate it to you. From the depth of my heart, thank you Mirja Mishalscheck, for being the sunshine of my life.
Posted on: Wed, 06 Aug 2014 18:58:10 +0000

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