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They trying to wipe us out an erase who we are yall better get a grip sistas stop downing us brothas willie lynch is where the lynch mob originated from we killing each other over shiny materials they use that to draw us in an against each other we need to work together or our seeds future is dead before they are born please i got a chance to grow before they kill me we need to recognize,realize,anaylize,respect ourselves,detect the the problem plan,plot an stratigize together just cuz you have more money than the next its not gone save you from what you are looked upon as all our worth has been stolen from us please share an lets rebuild our chain an remember this 2 Chains actually stands for having your mind an body on lock down in shackles to not know an to not show your ability to perform your great talents that we built america with our homeland peace once a gang member heart full of anger an mind filled with stupidity,now a grown man looking into the light seeing the true writing on our stone walls left for us by our ancestors morning peeps im up an at it lets go chargers p.s lets see if this post can get a million likes or comments not for me but for us love yall im out
Posted on: Sun, 05 Oct 2014 11:54:56 +0000

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