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Things I learned today about life, and laundry, while at the laundromat: 1. A public laundromat is like the circus, only free, and minus the animal cruelty. 2. Washing all your laundry at once: awesome. Drying it all at once: SA-WEET! Folding it all at once: worst thing EVER! 3. Certain parents arent afraid to first announce that theyll beat your ass, then follow through with it. 4. When kid #1 gets the aforementioned ass whooping, its not wise for kid #2 to loudly and happily say, OOOOHHHH, because then kid #2 will receive the same beating. 5. If Im ever feeling down, or bad about my life, a quick trip to the laundromat will surely cure all my woes. 6. If anyone, (and by anyone I mean the creepiest old man/woman in the laundromat) has an issue with a machine, he/she will announce it at a deafening volume, then personally address anyone that makes eye contact to make sure they heard the story, and have all the facts. (Note to self, no more eye contact) 7. Any type of container, including but not limited to: trash bag, trash can and even the Orange homers all purpose bucket from The Home Depot is appropriate for doing and transporting laundry. 8. The laundromat is the only place you can purchase detergent, fabric softener and cookies from the same machine. 9. There is NO dress code for the laundromat. 10. And finally, its apparently perfectly ok for one grown man to ask another grown man (I was neither of these grown men, thank goodness...I was only a witness) if he needs help folding his underwear.
Posted on: Wed, 06 Aug 2014 04:24:58 +0000

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