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Things are starting to happen people, thanks to the many who have spoken out and would not back down from anything in this fight against the greed and stupidity that wants to destroy our wildlife , environment and our Mother Earth. First , the wolves in Wyoming were put under federal protection, Then Illinois passed legislation that would put wolves on their states endangered list. Then it was California who acted quick to protect the wolves because they had someone new take up residency in their state-- the famous Wolf from Oregon , OR-7. Then Michigan voters turned back their wolf haters agenda by putting two initiatives on this past Nov. ballot. Then , there was such an out cry from people from all over the world sending e-mails , phone calls and signing countless petitions giving the Humane Society of the United States some extra power for their lawsuit to get the Great Lake States Wolves get put back under federal protection and today this word; President Obama has publicly stated that he would VETO any legislation that this new republican tries to push through to approve the keystone pipeline, Hats off to President Obama he has two years left and it appears he is going to work for us-- not big oil until he leaves office. Now he must make Sally Jewel and Dan Ashe follow science and relist the Northern Rocky Mountain Wolf of Idaho and Montana.
Posted on: Tue, 06 Jan 2015 23:37:02 +0000

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