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This article by Atul condenses well the ills of all significant religions, and suggests that terror arises from poverty and hopelessness. A solution Atul hopes for is that that Islam can move forward if muslims start to question their doctrine, to not consider the word of Allah as verbatim. Not easy. The problem is that the questioning leads to beheading. I have tried to discuss and question texts in the Quran and Muhammads barbaric life with muslims, but they will not engage, saying that discussing Islam is forbidden. Most muslims are peaceful. Most is not enough. While even 1% have the belief that virgins await them, it is a dangerous religion. This belief compounded by the fact that girls in his community live in black cloth cages all throughout his puberty and beyond, he is going to look for a way to become a jihadi tourist (pun intended) to heaven. Indoctrination that starts from the first year of birth is hard to reverse. Making a muslim person authentically secular is very difficult. This is the long solution: reform in Islam can only start with liberalizing education in madrasas by outbidding funding by Wahaabi Saudi Arabia. This is easy, just divert trillions from wars, and bribe the clerics through all kinds of grants and use the funds to bring organizational, institutional and preaching reform. There is no other solution, unless Aliens want to intervene and send a duplicate of Muhammad who recants all he said, apologizes to man kind and blows himself up from enacted shame (and the alien actor disappears into another dimension just as the bombs explode!). The joke is an attempt at solidarity with Paris :). There is no God But Allahaha ha ha ha ha ha HA HA HA, Really!? Shame on your insensitivity to say this so shamefully. This is how Hindus pray: Ishwar Allah tero naam, sub ko sanmati de bhagwaan (ishwar and allah are your names, give every one wisdom God) It is time for journalists to cease the moment and dive deeper into facts and beliefs of muslims around the world. To analyse and express without their bleeding heart liberalism clouding their research or the right wing xenophobia polluting it. - Anup
Posted on: Wed, 14 Jan 2015 06:52:26 +0000

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