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This guy is literally one of my heros. Everytime I see or hear him speak I am filled with a sense of awe, inspiration and pure determination. I am heading to the Soil Food Web Course on Friday, and I am looking forward to delving further into the world of soil, and mycelium. Lots of people think I am geeky... but to be honest, I find it strange that people are not more inspired and interested about what is going to recify the damage done for future generations. I am not even sure that I want children, but I want OUR children to inherit an Earth where water is clean to drink, where food is free of pesticides, where bees still pollinate, where tigers still roam... It is not that far fetched that I would want a world like this, when... not that long ago it was a reality. We are now in the 6th greatest extinction... If just that sentence doesnt fill people with a want to change behavioral patterns then i dont know what will. The 6th greatest extinction- single handedly by our species... Although I dont like to focus on the negatives THIS is what drives me to try my hardest to do something. This is what fills me with an almost unhealthy anxiety that I am not doing enough... This is what fills me with passion to learn and facilitate others learning. Each time I see a baby I wonder what world we are giving them and it weighs heavy on my heart. May there be more people in the world like Paul Stamets, who are driven by a deep desire to remediate ecological health.
Posted on: Wed, 29 Oct 2014 20:26:33 +0000

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