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This is a good article about Putin’s potential plan to take all of the Ukraine. Here is what my friend Sean (still moving within intel circles) said this morning: “For that matter, NATO/US/UK and EU should be publicly slapping Putin upside his head with this document, but instead of that theyve been silent about it, which only proves to Putin that Western weakness is more than skin deep on both side of the Atlantic. Ukrainian military forces in southern and eastern Ukraine are primarily Russian-speaking and their loyalties, as well as the population-at-large, lie with Moscow. Putin can take all of this territory with just a whisper in the ear of the local military commanders to mutiny against Kievs claimed authority. Any peep of argument from Kiev and in march 150,000 Russian troops to defend the rights of their ethnic brethren. Putin wants all of Ukraine and hell probably get it, along with that part of Georgia he did not get previously. NATO and the EU had their chance in Ukraine and Georgia in 2008 and failed to act for these very same reasons. I think Putin takes it all, sooner or later.“ Don’s comment: I can assure you that the intelligence community has been focused on this issue from the start. There is a long list of “indicators and warnings” (I&W) that we constantly monitor when trying to judge the intent of another country and its military. Much of this activity probably began near the start of the Olympics. It would not be out of the question to assume Putin was using the Olympics as a cover for preparations in the area under the guise of security for the Olympics. I also assure you that at the same time our intelligence community was looking at the I&W for the rest of the Russian military. Ukraine is a large land mass and is touched by several Russian military districts. Some (maybe all) are now conducting military exercises (war games). The exercises are of course designed to intimidate Ukraine leadership, but they are also designed as a precursor to an actual attack. Attacking from an exercise has been done by Russian forces several times. So, I conclude that it now seems likely that Putin has enhanced Russia’s capability to attack the rest of the Ukraine and reclaim it. There is no possible way Ukraine can hold off the Russians. Further, there is little or no chance NATO and the U.S. can make a military difference without engaging in WWIII and the probability of a nuclear war. Putin knows that and he feels he has the upper hand. He is right. Some sources I have read indicate that the U.S. has lost much of its capability to fight as battalions and higher which it would take to fight a Russian invasion. We have been absorbed in Iraq and Afghanistan where the action is focused on small unit (company and below) operations. Some senior military have recently said that we could not field more than a couple brigades fully equipped. The Russians will invade with multiple divisions. So, we may be able to pull some strings to isolate Russia, hurt their economy, etc. Putin knows that too. That doesn’t mean he will be deterred from his ultimate goal of restoring the Russian empire. Other countries like Poland and Germany are likely very concerned over the possibility given their subjugation to Russia and the former Soviet Union. [Only half of Germany—East Germany—was under Soviet control during the cold war.] Prophetically, remember that I have alerted you to Gog’s intent to attack in one direction, but God turns him to attack in another. Ezekiel 38:4. So, pray for peace, but watch the Middle East.
Posted on: Tue, 04 Mar 2014 15:05:25 +0000

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