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This is all true, and I have no idea what to make of it. On the subway yesterday, a youngish homeless woman was making her dispirited trudge through the car. She had an Hispanic accent and a broken mumble, and was bowed by misery into a slouch. Miss, can you help me? I looked up. Now, I had been sitting there feeling not-so-great about myself and my recurring imperfections. So I was thinking about my friends, and thinking that the same things I love about each of them, were also sometimes the same things that drive me crazy about them, but that almost makes me love them MORE. Yes, my friend Xshigh standards and honesty can sometimes flip into judgmental dismissive ness, and I see that and love her for being human; Ys intense sensitivity makes her incredibly insightful and creative, but it can be hard for her to live in the world ..I see that and it makes me feel protective and want to have her know that she is wonderful. So why do I want to change my name and move to Kuala Lampur when my own imperfections come up? And isnt real beauty comprised of imperfection? Audrey Hepburn was skinny and had a big nose- but Id rather look at her than a dozen cookie cutter pretty girls. While thinking about all this, I gave the young woman some money. Looking into her eyes, I smiled and said Good luck, dear. Things do get better. I wish you well. She looked into my eyes and suddenly said, in a different voice entirely, Youre so beautiful. I thought, not unkindly, Well, you would say that... I just gave you 20 dollars. Then she straightened up, and said in a clear, perfectly enunciated Mid Atlantic accent: You are beautiful. And know that you are beautiful BECAUSE of your imperfections, not in spite of them. Bless you. I sat there staring at her, mouth agape. Then, snapping out of it, reached for my wallet. But she held up her hand and shook her head. She wouldnt take it. She smiled, and looked in my eyes, and then headed to the next car. I still have no idea what just happened. But thank you.
Posted on: Sun, 04 Jan 2015 14:57:33 +0000

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