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This is it...The words that could save us all...The darkness will diminish when humanity stops fighting each other, ignoring our common enemy... Fear, an absolutely paralyzing and delusion causing entity or idea that comes in many forms but has just one effect on the soul. We either learn from it and grow strong or we let it consume our mind. Slowly and surely one may lose hope if left alone with their individual fears, although our lives are all unique, human emotion and feeling is universal. Communication, fairness, forgiveness, love and understanding are some of the tools to which lonely darkness finds no sanctuary. Together, with a lot of common sense and compromise, the world may one day know a time where the illusion and veil of fear holds no power. Perhaps the lessons we learn from that or those we despise hide, but will in fact aid us in ways unseen to the inevitable but temporary misguided heart. ...Shine light and find awareness of the warm embrace and healing power of love...Love meaning all things that do not instill anything but hope and a peaceful inner awakening. As much as we say people suck we are in fact too much alike to be defined by the differences that drive us to the same states of sadness or despair. In short, Zombies or not...We the people are...and we the people will continue to be.
Posted on: Sat, 06 Dec 2014 03:54:18 +0000

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