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This is the Prime Minister of Hungary, Imre Nagy. At dawn, our country was invaded by Soviet troops, seeking to overthrow the legimate democratic Hungarian government. This was PM Nagys call on the [Western] world one morning in 1956. US President Eisenhower made it clear that he was not going to intervene and that as far as he was concerned, Hungary belonged in the Soviet sphere of influence. The revolution was crushed. Imre Nagy was executed. 200,000 Hungarians fled into Austria, before the Soviets sealed the border. The millions left behind were prisoners behind a reinforced Iron Curtain. Ukraine, 2014. WTF are we talking about?! Thanks to CNNs Cold War series for reminding us at a most (in)auspicious time that history works in cycles and that nothings really new. In 1956, the US potentially averted World War III by NOT intervening in Hungary. Arguably, there was virtually no other viable option. The utmost priority for the West today, as then, is to avoid escalation to levels where tremendous risks loom. Today, as then, the world may be stepping back from the brink; but the costs may again be borne by this region.
Posted on: Sat, 26 Apr 2014 20:10:54 +0000

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