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This is the reason why parts of US,Europe etc are experiencing arctic air and the so called polar vortex and are going to do so every year from now on and the whole world experiencing weather extremes. The daily earth wobble which started in 2004 and has been increasing in magnitude every year which the Canadian Inuit have been experiencing for the past few years Every Inuit elder asked says the sun does not set where it used to and even the stars are in the wrong place https://youtube/watch?v=UMOKp2Mbofk https://youtube/watch?v=-1OSFYWyDTw Go to these links poleshift.ning/profiles/blogs/determine-your-safe-locations zetatalk/info/tinfo242.htm to find safe locations for free TO survive the coming geological pole shift What is the geological pole shift? What causes it? this is https://youtube/watch?v=N2ScTLhPWDw zeta movie part 1 talks about historical evidence of past geological pole shifts vimeo/9104959 zeta movie part 2[A] talks about when the elite learned about and plan to do about the geological pole shift vimeo/21878441 zeta movie part 2[B] talks about the months and years leading upto the geological pole shift and the coming cataclysms vimeo/57677328
Posted on: Sun, 11 Jan 2015 07:23:08 +0000

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