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This is very interesting. I have been trying to understand the situation a bit more, not be partisan to either side, just learn a little. This animated explanation, many Israelis would doubtless say, is biased towards Palestine. It never ceases to disturb and bewilder me that a people so persecuted as the Jews have been, should now become the persecutors. I visited Auschwitz in 1975, I feel the desperation of the holocaust deeply. I know that there are many Israelis who do not support the aggression. Hamas seems utterly self destructive, Israel seems hell bent on destroying the Palestinians. There are plenty of videos circulating depicting the hatred of some Israelis for the Arabs. I challenged an Israeli FB friend, who was talking of the moral war being waged against Gaza, proposing war as never moral. He was very aggressive initially, but we were able to understand each other a little eventually and I learnt a lot. I was told that many Arabs live happily in Israel. I asked if they owned their houses and land. I was accused of ignorance, which I admit, and that, of course they do. This clip suggests otherwise. So, my explorations into the topic have, inevitably, lead me to be more confused, but a little more knowledgeable. As I write this, the BBC headline has popped up reporting the number of Israeli soldiers killed overnight. It mentioned nothing of any Palestinian casualties. Of course it wont. There are many, many more, but they seemingly dont count. It is impossible for me, sitting in my safe home in Cornwall, hearing birdsong outside, to understand what is in the minds of people in a country where their parents or grandparents have taken the land from others, yet it has always been their home. All I know is that war is never the answer. I value having friends on here with a range of world views. Some people seem to want all their FB friends to think just as they do. Some will say so and so is homophobic, or racist, or pro Israeli, fascist, or blah blah, if they are your friend, delete them, or I will delete you. Surely this just creates factions, how do we learn from the viewpoints of others if we delete all those who think differently? Or advise others on different approaches? Deleting someone will not change their minds! My heart will always be with those who suffer most, with animals and how we treat them, with the impoverished Palestinians, those in Israel who oppose the bloodshed, with the millions of people in Africa suffering terribly while the world looks away, with all those who are repressed in whatever way. All I can hope to do is learn and understand more of what is happening and why, and live as gently as possible, effecting change where I can, both of which I am not always good at!
Posted on: Sun, 20 Jul 2014 15:43:59 +0000

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