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Those people that are shouting change! Change!! Are nothing but OLODOS, they dont know anything. All what Nigeria want now is improvement and not change, there is no way everything can be improve at the same time, it takes a gradual process. Anyway i really dont blame you people because even when God used Moses to deliver his people from Egypt with great signs and wonders, when they became hungry and tasty of water in the wilderness they began to insult and abuse Moses saying that they would had prefered staying in Egypt and remain servitudes(slaves) at least they could eat something than bringing them out of Egypt to be starving them since him and his God who sent him cannot feed them. God started giving them foods(Manna as it was called), He told Moses to use the rod(staff) to TOUCH the Rock and water shall flow out of it but Moses SMARSHED the Rock with anger due to the bad consistent behaviours of the people he led from Egypt even with all what God did for them and great powers He manifested through Moses was nothing to them and God delt with them very well. So what am trying to say is that even if GEJ goes from house to house sharing and putting foods on your table, create millions of jobs, employ everybody(which some of you cant even work if employed), pay you monthly salary without working, go to sambisa forest and bring back our girls SOME of you will still be saying he has done nothing. For me, he has done well and so he should do better, thats why i and majority of Nigerians will still vote him come 14 feb. I dont care whatsoever anyone would say not even the apc and its presidential candidate that in all his speeches he talks as if immediately hes made the president he will stop poverty, corruption, insurgency and bring back our girls in a day but (GEJ) the president speaks with wisdom, not quick to anger even as the Bible says that He that is soon angry dealeth foolishly, He that is slow to anger is better than the mighty(Prov. 14vs17a and 16vs32a)
Posted on: Thu, 22 Jan 2015 10:07:26 +0000

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