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Thursday, 8 January 2015 Wisdom of the Gods: Schism of The True-Self & The Symptoms of Distortion ------------------------------------------------------------- Introduction: Most human beings are fragmented and distorted and live a artificial illusionary life of nothingness without purpose or meaning. Especially the ones of the western civilisations. The most important part of a beings growth is raising the vibration. All life forms from the lower to the higher have one and only intention, to raise their vibration and reunite with the source. Beings who cant connect to the source can not evolve. Do you know the reason why human beings can not communicate with their astral body and be part of the growth in the astral pane? It is because their vibration is low. This is why they cant receive the cosmic light, connect to the cosmos and continue to grow and evolve. Your astral body is aware of your purpose and growth cycles; cosmic truth and wisdom goes through the astral body in the form of energy and this is why it is in a process of constant purification and transformation. Unity and growth shape the astral existence of all beings. Life on Earth is fragmented and offers limited growth. Beings are either asleep or confused and their existence is very problematic. The time has come that people on Earth have to wake up and connect to their astral body. This connection is necessary in order to unblock the path of light which will allow growth on the physical plane. If Earth did not suffer from fragmentation and distortion, human beings will naturally be able to connect to their astral body and experience part of the growth that takes place there. It is a great challenge to unblock yourself from distortion and return back to your natural state but it is not an impossible task. You have to let go of everything that is artificial and does not lead to growth. When you achieve that and you are purified you will feel great power and clarity. The light of the cosmos will enter your physical body and will transform you to your true self who is a majestic being. When this happens you have no pain, anxiety, fear and insecurity. You belong to the cosmos and you are part of our source. Accepting your body as a tool to connect you to wisdom is one of the fundamental cosmic laws. It is natural that you will grow when you follow your true path . And when you grow your vibration rises. By connecting to your astral body, connecting to your true-self, connecting to the light of the cosmos, purifying yourself from all negativity, imbalances, connecting to truth and wisdom. When westerners study the ancient teachings have to overcome many obstacles. One of them is the interpretation and translation of these texts; the understanding of culture and tradition and last they have to connect to this knowledge and understand its meaning. Every sacred teaching has a message that leads to growth. You can grow when you are actively following your purpose and have clarity. A confused being with no purpose, lost in the illusion of the materialistic world is not going to connect to sacred wisdom. Truth is alien to those who support illusion and sadly the majority of people are trapped in it, especially the ones who live in developed countries. People on earth are very confused. One of the main reasons for this is their fragmentation. They want to know their purpose but they live their lives according to peoples expectations and demands. This is a schism which brings confusion and uncertainty. If you are able to block everything that is not your true-self and distance yourself from the ideals of others, then you will instantly know what your purpose is and you will follow your purpose because it is the only truth. Truth feeds you because it is the light that has created you. When you know your truth you will never go back to illusion; you will never have questions and you will live in harmony with everything that exists. You have reincarnated to prove that even in the deepest fog you can find your way. This is your challenge. All dogmas, beliefs, social ideals and human-made theories about existence should be discarded as poisonous substances. When you accept illusion you accept destruction; even if you are not aware of the destruction and distortion you are still responsible for your own actions. _____________________________________________ Thoth teaches us: That all different spiritual movements have something in common and this is sensationalism. Their core teachings are built on a fantastic concept which is vaguely proven to work. This is a symptom of distortion on Earth. Astaroth teaches us: That it is important that you discover your true purpose and have a good understanding of how to use your tools and special gifts. When you have disconnected from the illusion and you are able to see yourself naked and pure then you will instantly see your purpose and you will have instant access to all cosmic truths because it is your right. Gods and masters do not wish to hide cosmic wisdom from humans or to deny them the empowerment of the high vibrational state. On the contrary gods wish all humans to reach this point. The gods want humanity to wake up in order to assist the planet to wake up too. Earth and her creation suffer from the same disease and this is a schism of the true-self and the growth of illusion. When you awake to the truth you will be restored to your true-selves. ----------------------------------------------------------- READ THE TEACHINGS OF GOD THOTH & GODDESS ASTAROTH BY USING THE LINK BELOW _____________________________________________________
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