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To: 21+ mind and learn: ISIS DR SAYED AMMAR NAKSHAWANI 8TH NIGHT MUHARRAM 1436 A H MOMBASA Note:Jihadists are sub-contractor of the devil!. An exquisite expose on ISIS. A must watch. In Kitab Al Fitan – a compilation of hadiths (Islamic tradition) relating to the end of times put together by prominent scholar Nuyam bin Hammad in 229 AH –Imam Ali bin Abu Talib (AS) – Prophet Mohammed’s son-in-law, cousin and caliph (PBUH) reportedly said, “If you see the black flags, then hold your ground and do not move your hands or your feet. A people will come forth who are weak and have no capability, their hearts are like blocks of iron. They are the people of the State (literally the people of #Al_Dawla), they do not keep a promise or a treaty. They call to the truth but they are not its people. Their names are (nicknames like Abu #Mohammed) and their last names (are the names of town and cities, like Al Halabi) and their hair is loose like women’s hair. (Leave them) until they fight among themselves, then Allah will bring the truth from whoever He wills.” The Jihad do not believe in God, they believe in shedding blood, they are #Radical_Islam is a sub-contractor of the devil!. Islamic State are #Islamic_Jihad wait patiently for opportunity to of war!. We committed to degrade and destroy Iran and Turkey they virus. #Iran & #ISIS & #Turkey & #Hezbollah & #Hamas & #ISIL & #IS of the #Islamic_State they are bloodthirsty {#Islam & #muslam & #Jihad} *☣*☣*☣*☣*☣* Mind and learn your friend {#Israel & #Jews} *watch☣enjoy☣follow* youtube/watch?v=xArTRV2INSY& Please,Copy/Paste/Share #Flika_Li_Milk
Posted on: Thu, 06 Nov 2014 19:40:25 +0000

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