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To be continued.... An extract from Jewish Bible (Old Testament) “Ishmael reverted to worship Pagan Gods” (Multiple Gods of the Hindus) Abraham was a very rich man in Cannan now Pelistine after he was ousted from Egypt …Because of inheritance problems between Issac, son of Sarah and Ishmail son of Hagger, a maid servant. On the advice of Sarah, Abraham granted all inheritance rights to Issac and ordered Ishmail and Hagger to leave his house….Ismail and Hagger occupied Mecca worshipping Pagan Gods…The Gods of his grandfather Tehra as known by Jews and Khallil known by Muslims….Tehra aka Khallil was a practicing Hindu believing in stones, statues, cows and Shiv Ling…He was the chief of his tribe called Chaldeas….Because of conflict of religions, Tehra orderd Abraham to leave his house…Abraham was born in Ur, (Basra, Iraq) Mesopatamia…then the name of Punjab, India was Pentopatamia…. Abraham tried his best to bring back Ishmail and Hagger to his fold of One God but could not succeed…. Ishmael and his descendents continued to worship Pagan Gods (Hindu Gods up to the emergence of Prophet Mohammed) For about 3000 years, no other deseendents ever tried to revert to One God of Abraham…No one ever dared to use force for conversion… Meccans always called themselves as Musalmans though they were still following and worshipping multiple Gods of the Hindus… Prophet Mohammed was a direct descendent of Ishmael… About 1500 years ago, only Prophet Mohammed was able, capable and dared to use extreme force to revert those “Pagans” (Hindus) to the One God of Abraham…. Guru Nanak in his Autobiography defined it very clealy the circumstances of this conversion…. “Bani Brahme Rikhi dee, thia Athaban Ved, Hindu Musalman bich tad hoie bidd bhed” Mean… There was a scripture of Abraham of One God but they worshipped “Atharban Ved” (multiple Gods) when the Meccans become aware of it then the Musalmans parted from the Hindu beliefs of multiple Gods”….and reverted to One God of Abraham….. About 2800 years ago, Krishna a Hindu God won the war called Mahabharata da Yudh at Kurukshetra, Punjab now called Haryana…After winning the war, Krishna occupied Mecca also because it was then a Hindu Temple….Ved Atharban was introduced in Mecca by Krishna… Krishna claimed and declared to the Meccans….”I am the God and there is only One God and my name is Allah” Guru Nanak in his Autobiography defined this incedent “Fir Nila Khinda Pehar key baitha Mecce aan. Iko ik Khudai hai ih akhey muhon kalam” Means…Krishna dressed himself in blue clothes, occupied Mecca and claimed from his own mouth that I am the God and there is only One God” Guru Nanak in his Autobiography also defined the change of name of the Gods’s name as Allah. Previously the name of Allah was “Rabb” and “Khuda”… “Kal mein Ved Atharban hua nao Khuddai Allah bhaia. Neel bastar lai kappre pehre Turk Pathani amal kia” Mean….In Kalyug (Dark Age also called Modern Age) with the introduction of Atharban Ved the name of God was changed from Khudda to Allah…Turks and Phatans (Musalmans) wore blue clothes and became the followers and worshippers of Atharban Ved and newly named Allah…
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