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To capture the corneredness of the Black being, his/her slave positionality, his subordinate-ness in a dramatic line: We look at Whites and go Oh my god! damn, I want to read this book. The author is a vastly interesting radical, does not compromise the principle of defensive violence against the oppressor, it seems. Anyway, there is no need to reform the system. It does not malfunction, it was designed that way. Get rid of it, destroy it and lets start afresh with our own way of life, a whole new world! I encourage the use of any tool to speed up liberation, to lessen Black suffering. Negotiation will never work because the oppressor long sought to exploit us and dispossess us, his lifestyle and upper class living depends and necessitates our subjugation. He has refused to hand the land back to armed insurgents and in Haiti and Zimbabwe was removed fight, is still bitter about that and always look to have hhe edge over those countries. In south Afrika we think voting for the land will get us our land back. We forget that the colonialist state disposed of armed struggle, shoots down protestors, carries out pogroms in brough daylight and constantly passes laws to entrench itself in power, to appear as legal. Here, otherwise brilliant minded individuals with grumbling stomachs suddenly think voting and otherwise parliamentary negotiation will win the land back, little do they seem to realise that when contingents like the FF+; AWB; Red Oktober; the Boeremag, etc., claim this is their vaderland, they actually believe that and consciously represent the unspoken belief of the rest of their people. They willpick up arms to make sure it remains in their hands, just like a 2013 land survey reported: 79% of land PRIVATELY belongs to white people, the state controls only 14%, and the rest is undisclosed. Will Whites then let political bodies like the EFF actually assume control of state organs to help them achieve their envisioned expropriation of land without compensation? Over my dead body! That body already negotiates and gives guarantees to colonial corporations like JP Morgan and the Oppenheimers. Violence is the only way we will know liberation. Otherwise we need a long term vision and some institutions to carry out what needs to be done. The issue here is that this gives the oppressor an opportunity to study us, counter-plan and even attack. Overthrowing them is the very opposite approach. Yeah, I fantasise about such uprisings.
Posted on: Mon, 31 Mar 2014 05:04:22 +0000

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