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To date or not to date? Girl meets boy, and life seems so sweet. Now that he is in her life, no one else exists. All day long he is the number one feature of her daydreams; the star of the show. She checks her Facebook to see if he has posted on her wall; and her gaze is always lowered... right on to her phone, checking for his messages. She is his queen, and he is her knight in shining armour. He cherishes her, adores her and cares for her in every way possible. They meet at the end of the classes or they meet secretly in a ore arranged location during the holidays. She says she cannot live without him, and with a twinkle in his eyes, he says he feels the same way. She wonders, is this all really real? So romantic, right? (maybe some will say wheres the bucket so I can throw up....) Sure... Its ok, If her Prince Charming happens to be already her husband. Right? And if hes not? She risks losing her reputation, her self- respect, her modesty, her Emaan... and worst of all, her akhirah is in grave danger.
Posted on: Thu, 16 Jan 2014 04:48:34 +0000

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