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Today’s Talent Tip Of The Day: Where Are Your Priorities. As we look around you can’t help but see the change that’s happening in gospel music. Something has gotten a hold of our beloved gospel music and turned it into someone that we can hardly recognize or even more than that we recognize it to be closer to the worldly music industry than not. We see contest judging singers by other gospel artist where naive singers fall into the traps of believing if they participate that somehow it will launch them to the national stage. We see new artist paying hundreds and even thousands to place ads in gospel magazines,either print or online in hopes that the promotion they will receive will push them to the top. We find regional organizations holding their annual conventions and taking dues from us and handing out their awards that in hope if we receive one it will give us the push we need to succeed. We write songs and pay thousands to have them recorded in hopes that somehow we might get one on the radio that will surely give you the bump that will get us to the top. We see groups spending their hard earned money on buses that will surely give them the appearance of being successful only to find them sitting in the garage or driveway not being able to afford the fuel to even take it out. Other desire to make it to the big national stage where they pay thousands of dollars to rub shoulders with the big industry players that will undoubtedly give them the recognition they need to get to the top. Then sadly there are others that only see their position as a gospel singer as an entertainer and ministry is not their job or obligation and many are doing it solely for the fame and recognition. We have become an American Idol society when it comes to gospel music. Everyone wants to reach for the stars and the big stage. The truth is many get discourage and quit before they find out that all these things the industry is trying to tell them they have to do is getting them nowhere and penny less. The sad truth is that these industry groups see what they are doing as righteous and with purpose. Yes, we believe that there are times as Christians we need to be entertained with good Christian music but what we fight everyday is the loss of those good hearted souls that felt the calling to sing for the lord and win souls that were so misled. The truth is there is real gospel music ministry in our country that’s being sung in churches all over this country every weekend and winning souls. If you have that calling and the heart’s desire there is real direction and real help. As long as Southern Gospel Music Talent has breath we will continue to fight the fight and lead the misinformed to the goal of real ministry. If this is you, contact us. We want to hear from you!!
Posted on: Thu, 08 Jan 2015 19:55:45 +0000

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