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Today we broke the news to both the Elderly Female Scholar’s of Morocco while we were with them that insha’allah this year their ultimate dream of going Hajj for the 1st time ever will be fulfilled insha’allah, Subhanallah both individuals fell into tears. Allah blessed this to happen due to everyone coming together and making it happen. For those who donated a gift on the link that was made, May Allah reward you and your family forever. Ameen. You will never realize how strong this donation gift will be insha’allah until Allah himself rewards you directly. For those who still want to partake in this Baraka, the link is below so donate something today if you can insha’allah. Both these individuals are truly blessed and by helping them, insha’allah Allah will show us mercy for taking care of two of his close servants. Alhamdulillah their general situation is much better now than before and we will be sending a monthly income which will take care of all their needs. For the last 5 days, we studied day and night under them covering more than a few thousand Ahadith. Their knowledge, piety and zeal for knowledge despite being 89 and 86 is beyond anything most of us have seen. Truly these two individuals are amongst the Awliya (friends) of Allah who due to their Baraka Khair (Goodness) still remains in this world. May Allah bless them both and keep them elevated. Ameen There are people still out there who have dedicated 80-90 years of their lives studying and teaching. They may not be ‘known’ nor be ‘popular’ with the mass or social media, but truly they are known with the heavens and above. May Allah always be with them and enable us to serve them. Ameen. If you want to donate, please do on the link below. In Allah’s Trust, via Zayd ul Islam Founder, Al Buruj Press Morocco/ 18th April 2014
Posted on: Sat, 19 Apr 2014 11:22:30 +0000

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