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Tome] | How To Know If You Are A Lightworker There have been rumors of an ancient prophecy that has foreseen a time period when the Earth as an organism is in a state of suffering and the human race on the brink of collapse. In this time of need it was said that a new breed of beings will emerge to end the catastrophe and restore the Earth to it’s original state of harmony. Due to the currently materialistic state of human consciousness, it can become very difficult for initiates to find their way through the illusion. But recently a young group of individuals who possess a strong ability to connect to nature and other beings or realities have begun rapidly emerging. These gifted souls are known as The Crystal Children, also called Indigos or Indigo Souls. Fulfilling the prophecies of the ancients, this group emerges to light the way for others who feel trapped in a programmed world or reality. The action of healing that Indigos provide is widely known as ‘lightwork’. Lightwork can be described as an action or creation in attempt to spread the light or awareness of the divine reality of vibration, light, and beauty. A lightworker has discovered first-hand a higher sense of reality or self and is compelled to share the existence of this experience with others. The divine light seen or felt in and around the initiate of this higher realization now acts as a reference of inspiration to intertwine with his work to imbue it with a healing vibration. Lightworkers use their natural gifts for a divine purpose and help others discover and cultivate their own. Art by Alex Grey In spiritual circles it is said that many lightworkers volunteered before birth to incarnate on the physical dimension of this planet during these times of suffering in order to assist in a paradigm shift and accelerate the awakening of the global collective consciousness. These warriors of Light have come to help the mass population transcend from a low frequency of self-destructive fear to a high frequency of beauty and love. Using the gifts and talents that the Universe has bestowed them with, lightworkers pave the way for others through various expressions such as art, science, writing, music and poetry. Each lightworker feels connected to a sacred purpose for their existence that is encrypted within the skills and abilities that they have been gifted with. Due to the so-called ‘rebirth amnesia’ that accompanies third dimensional existence, many have forgotten the identity of their highest form and have trouble remembering the original purpose of existence on Earth. But with the rapid awakening of the global consciousness, many are beginning to recall the goal of their incarnation and their method of achieving it. Vedic Astrology is one of the most powerful tools available to spiritual seekers for recalling one’s skills and life purpose. The role of a lightworker is not confined to an exclusive group of individuals. Anyone can become a lightworker simply by awakening to the inner reality and manifesting it through any expression of their consciousness. Once an individual strengthens their inner light through spiritual practices, they can find a method of sharing this light with others. This can be achieved through spreading awareness, creating inventions through science, or inducing altered states of consciousness through art. Even the act of sharing information with others is considered a form of lightwork, as long as it is contributing to the evolution of humanity. The title of lightworker can be bestowed upon any awakened individual who is dedicated towards the greater good. Many who are reading this are lightworkers just itching to remember their soul’s purpose. Due to the lack of higher knowledge and the suppression of our true nature imbedded into today’s culture many have become lost, but there is still hope to be found by informing yourself and practicing a system of spirituality. Traits of a lightworker include: Longing desire to help others Deep dissatisfaction with the current state of our world Lack of necessity to conform to society Different perspective of reality Rebellious personality Recurrent feelings of being misunderstood Strong sense of individuality Feeling lonely with a room full of people Extreme compassion Abnormally powerful empathy Abundant creativity Extraordinary artistic abilities Otherworldly analytical skills If you resonate with most of these traits, chances are you are a lightworker and if not, you can become one if you desire. The cultivation of consciousness through meditation and yoga, and channeling this energy through whatever expression is aligned with your passion is a great way to begin lightworking. Lightwork can include writing, engineering, or painting. Lightwork can even be allowing your vibration to lift the vibration of others around you. As long as it is for the greater good. It is our hope that Initiates of the TIMEWHEEL take this information and apply it to their own lives to join us in the attempt to raise the global vibration. Together, action by action, we can aid in the restoration of the planet and manifest a world that we are truly satisfied with living in.
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