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Tomorrow at Wonderworks! Spirit Release & Soul Contract Realignment – A Workshop International teacher, healer and practitioner Wayne Wia-Ling presents a thorough and engaging introduction to Spirit Release and Soul Contract Realignment. Spirit Release is the freeing of attached earthbound spirits, negative entities and negative thought forms e.g. psychic attacks, curses or ancestral bonds. Spirit release not only cares for the person in question but it also has compassion for the Spirit. Earthbound spirits are helped into the Light and negative entities are sent back from where they came or put into the custody of the Angels, or Light Beings. What are some of the symptoms of having a spirit attached to you? Feeling tired for no reason; Other people complaining that they feel tired when they are with you; Hearing voices that tell you to do bad things, or things that you don’t want to do; Behaving totally out of character; You look in the mirror and seem to be looking at someone else not yourself; Feeling that some unknown person is controlling your life; Having symptoms of a serious illness, but no doctor can find anything wrong with you; Having panic attacks for no reason. A Soul Contract Realignment is the understanding that while one has free will to change ones circumstance, we may feel powerless to alter what Karma has brought to us in this lifetime. The Soul Contract Realignment changes ones perspective in that, with the permission of the Soul, one may amend or cancel the contract you are born with and to create a new contract with the understanding that no harm shall be imposed on others. People have experienced changes to their lives after a Soul Contract Realignment when it is combined with Spirit Release session. Spirit Release & Soul Contract Realignment Sessions take anywhere between 60-90 mins. You are generally likely to need only one session. There are some instances which may require a follow up session later. Monday, Nov. 10th 6:30pm-9pm Fee: $22 To register please contact : [email protected]
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