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True life story of a man. After graduating from the university,he could not get a job then he strugled to get a car to be used as taxi.He started this taxi business but unfortunatly,things didnt work as he expected.he will drive around the whole town from morning till night,nobody will stop him for once.The situation was like this for many months which some times course him to borow money to fuel the car. One day he saw a man of God going on the street under a hot sun sweating seriously and he decided to give him a lift,he stopped and said man of God can you please come in and let me drop you where ever you are going,suprisingly the man of God asked him were did you expect me to seat?This car is filled with passengers and infact it is overloaded,the man of God looked like a fool in the sight of this man,becos looking at the car,it is empty.This man got interested in what he said,the man of God further more and said,these people have been jorney with you since you bought the vichle and that is the reason nobody have called on you ever since.After which he was prayed for and was delivered from these domonic spirit. I pray that every spirit that has been assinged to journey with you in life be consumed by Holy Ghost fire in Jesus name......
Posted on: Mon, 18 Aug 2014 05:33:30 +0000

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