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Twin Hickory Alert!!! Just after 11:00 p.m. tonight a white man, approximately 6 ft. Wearing grey sweatpants and a blue ball cap, driving a dark colored SUV came to our front door and rang the doorbell , Julia thinking it was friends pranking us answered the door. Turned out it was this man, wide eyes and sweating .. Fortunately I was at the bottom of the steps and spoke to him. He said he was lost and needing directions to Broad Street, I gave him the directions and he left . I watched him walk toward a parked car on our street and he just stood in front of it and then started walking back toward our house. I yelled for Brian and Sean to come down and once again he was on our front porch. Brian told him to leave and words were exchanged, this time he told Brian that someone was trying to kill him, Brian/Sean asked who and he said his brother. After confrontation, he ran to his car and sped off. Police were called and we review our security cameras and discovered he arrived about a minute after we got home . He waited about 20 minutes before ringing the doorbell the first time. It is the police and our concern that he was not here to burglarize, this guy was creepy and our concern is more that he could have been stalking the girls or me since he didnt see Brian or Sean on his first trip to the door. Lets hope we are being over dramatic, but this was too scary for us and wanted to be sure we alerted other families in the neighborhood and to play it safe.
Posted on: Mon, 01 Sep 2014 05:17:27 +0000

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