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UBOMI Abukhethwa Chapter 385 Sam just woke up, she was really big and was struggling to do the most of the things she used to do...all she ever did was eat, drink some, pee, bath and sleep, and wake and do the same routine all over again...she knew this was not healthy but thats how lazy she felt...she got out of the bed and went to take a shower. She got done and wrap a towel around herself and went to look for something to wear...she took out a summer dress coz she was feeling a bit hot, since her feet were swollen she had to wear sandles...she hated them but she had no choice...just by wearing her dress she sat down coz she was tired...the door opened and lunga walked in caring breakfast in a tray...she smiled when he saw him... Sam: im fat already...your trying to make me look like an elaphant? Lunga: an elaphant baby? Babe your beautiful, look at you, your glowing babe. Sam: nice save mr They both laughed...sam ate her breakfast and drank her juice... Lunga: wanna sleep? Sam: thats all ive been doing kodwa...i feel unfit...i used to run but now i cant. Lunga: thats not true... Sam: ndijonge...im like a hippo. Lunga: pregnant woman can also exercise nje sam, we just need to find the right person to help you. Sam: with what money...my allowance wont cover that much... Lunga: ill take care of yu and our baby babe...dont stress about cash and stuff, that i got under control. Sam looked at him... Sam: you wanna tell me something that i dont know? Like where you will get the money? Lunga: aphiwe and i just did a job...we installed some security measures in some town house and we got paid big bucs...so i think im good, i know we good. Sam: ja but for how long? Lunga: sam...im the man of the house and ill take care of us yandiva? Sam: hamba man of the house...hay lanto... Lunga laughed and took the tray and went downstairs to rinse the plates...aphiwe walked in... Aphiwe: done? Lunga: ja its done...im just afraid of the risk it might do the baby. Aphiwe: there are not risk, its just a chip...it will have no effect on the pregnancy...thats why ethan designed it like that. Lunga: i hope so...now 2 more to go... Aphiwe: jen is not that easy... Lunga: is it really important ukuba siyifake naku unathi? I mean were not even sure if cole and this chick are still dating. Aphiwe: then we need to ask cole about it and not keep it to ourselfs. Lunga: ill see what i can do. After putting eric to bed, jen went to find the others and she find them all in kats room. She walked and saw the room was all tensed up...she knew that something was wrong. Kat: hey... Jen: ok...whats going on? Bash: what are you talking about? Jen: im not stupid, all of you in kats room...something is going or your planning something...what is it? Zee: tell her... Kat: zintle... Zee: what? The rest of the house is gonna know coz we have no choice but to tell the guys about ken. Jen: ken? Whos ken? Zee: someone from our past. Jen: care to tell... Zee: we ran into trouble in p.e... Jen: why am i not suprised... Zee: you wanna hear the story or not? Jen: oh please continue... Zee: ace was arrested so we needed help, so we kinda blackmailed a cop to get ace out... Jen: and not the same cop os back? Zee: ja, but the problem is, we dont know what he wants... Jen: maybe you need to ask him... Kat: ive tried but hes making the shots. Jen: and when are you planning on telling the guys about the ken guy being back in the picture, you are planning on telling them right? Kat: yes we are, but we were hoping to wait a little bit, until we know what he wants, then we go and tell the guys about him. Jen: wont that be little to late...im not trying to get in your way or anything but we have to look for all possibilities...why for one is he calling and not talking? Zee: he stalling... Jen: for what? Kat: well we tracked him but we dont have the exact location, we just know that hes in durban... Jen: what if hes been tracking you too...and your not aware of that? Kat: ken is careless, but not that smart...he wont think of such a thing. Bash: we did say the is is a possibility that hes not working alone...maybe someone else is doing the tracking. Zee: can you check if someone is tracking us or what? Kat: im not that advanced...we have to tell the guys. Zee: ja but who will, coz im not ready to get an earful... Bash: we dont have the full info just yet, for all we know we could be wrong. Jen: or right...are you really willing to take that chance? They all looked at each other.... Sisa ears were making a noise...thoko was busy talking, but sisa heard none of that...he didnt believe what thoko just said...he cut her off... Sisa: uthi wenza ntoni? Thoko was fiddling with his hands... Thoko: i was young... Sisa: i know that part...ndifuna le part were unesbindi sotshisa umntana wam thoko... Thoko: what choice did i have sisa...my father wanted nothing to do with my pregnancy...i was all alone, mama naye wayengayazi into ukuba ayenze coz she was not going to go against my dad wish...i didnt have the money to bury our daughter sisa... Sisa: so what? Wamtshisa? Thoko: back then it seemed like the only option i have... Sisa: what about me thoko... Thoko: i couldnt reach you... Sisa: but you were able to drop lisa on my uncles doorstep? Thoko: this was different... Sisa: how? How the hell was this difference...do you have any idea what you did? Thoko: i had a problem and i come up with a solution...sue me... Sisa got up so fast and held her neck and banged her against the wall...thoko screamed for help but she couldnt speak properly...luckly for her she was close to lisa ward, so ethan and mandla heard the noise and they come out, when they saw what was happening, they tried to get sisa off thoko... Mandla: tata uyambulala lomntu... Sisa: g..good...maybe..she...will...also...burn...like...she...burned...my daughter... Mandla: tata mahn... Thoko: ss...sis...i ca...breath... Ethan: ta luke...stop this... Thoko had her eyes closed....
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