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Ugh! *warning* rant coming: I keep hearing all these politicians and city leaders saying if the relationships between various ethnicities and police dont improve there will be more Fergusons to anyone else extremely bothered by this? (Yes I agree relations need to improve)...but just listen for a minute.. How about everyone stop the f**k the police attitude and show a little more respect to people in general and NOT BREAK THE LAW and Im guessing you wont be outside a courtroom proclaiming to burn the city down. (Like someones step-father was doing yesterday) If your FIRST INSTINCT after something happens that you dont agree with, is to burn, loot and pillage the city you live in...then just go lock yourself up for a few years, PLEASE. Others would like to have businesses and not have to worry about rebuilding them from the ground up over a single court case.
Posted on: Tue, 25 Nov 2014 23:12:46 +0000

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