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Update on Kollyn!!! Kollyn had open heart surgery Tuesday September 30th to put a shunt in his heart to equal the amount of blood flow to his lungs & body. Everything was going good until Tuesday night at 8pm he was showing signs that his heart wasnt pumping enough blood to his body & too much blood to his lungs so Doctors had to open back up his chest to fix his shunt to balance the blood flow. The lack of blood flow to his body caused some damage to his kidneys & intestines.. The Doctors couldnt perform surgery on his Kidneys because Kollyns blood is thin so that he dont have any blood clogs in his shunt & his has lots of scar tissue from the surgery they did on his intestines 2mns ago. Kollyn wasn having no urine output at all do to the damaged Kidneys.. They decided not to do the surgery to help his Kidneys because it was just too risky. They waited to see if some meds would help restore his kidneys & they did! He is doing better! .. Thank the Lord.. As for his intestines, they are healing! Kollyn still has a long road of recovery.. Please keep the prayers going up for our baby.. Thank you
Posted on: Fri, 10 Oct 2014 01:57:07 +0000

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