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Update on personalized license plates In Indiana Dont understand how every other state can figure this out but Indiana cant ?!?! At this time, the BMV respectfully disagrees with the recent court decision that Indianas Personalized License Plate (PLP) statutes, as well as the BMVs applicable regulations and policies, are unconstitutional and have taken additional action with the Indiana Supreme Court consistent with that belief. If that does wind up being the ultimate finding of the courts, then the BMV also believes the elected representatives of the Indiana legislature are the proper channel for creating a new PLP system, not the judiciary. We will continue to work toward a resolution to the questions surrounding the PLP program in as timely a manner as the process allows, but a specific timeline has not been established by the Court. If you currently have a PLP, you are still able to renew that particular plate. Since the fee for PLPs are set by state law, the BMV must collect that fee for PLP transactions. I understand if this news is frustrating and will update you just as soon as the status of the program becomes more clear. Your patience during this process is appreciated. Alex Miller Legislative Director Indiana Bureau of Motor Vehicles 317-232-0104
Posted on: Fri, 24 Oct 2014 05:54:12 +0000

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