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Update re: elderly woman. Im not going to go into great detail but did want to update those of you who took the time to post yesterday. EQR Fletchers have been fantastic. I always like to be above board and transparent so I must be clear that my husband works for EQR and he visited the lady with his contractor today - all approved and supported by EQR Fletchers, properly and above board. To be fair, I am told that a number of agencies have been trying to help this lady for some time. I am told she refused access, she did not allow people to help her. I dont care about this to be honest. In fact although she is working with me and trusting me, its early days. Regardless of what has gone before, she is an elderly woman who has not had a toilet or shower / bath for three and a half years. I havent seen my husband working with stressed and vulnerable people in damaged houses before. He has been doing this for more than three years. He was amazing. His empathy, eye contact, (appropriate) physical contact - a hand on her arm, her shoulder - I was very proud. His contractor was as amazing. The mayoral EQ fund delivered a portaloo - Peter from Hirepool I think it was, was just as empathetic and genuine, going above and beyond. Thank you Vicki Buck for your help here. And Ccc staff moved he an and earth to get this done in a matter of hours. So, toilet, log burner, stove and broken sliding door glass - all scoped and will be fixed as quickly as possible. It doesnt matter what has gone before, it doesnt matter how difficult or even how unreasonable someone may be, we have to do all that we can to make it right. If its not impossible, there must be a way to do it. This is the measure of who we are as human beings and as a community. Tomorrow and for a few days I will be off FB as I focus on my family and my mum. Thanks for your support. Still a ways to go but its a start.
Posted on: Tue, 19 Aug 2014 08:29:42 +0000

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