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Urgent Part 2 - Urgent Death Row Dogs shared Urgent Part 2 - Urgent Death Row Dogss photo. 5 hours ago Lucy is a sweet dog who has needs some medical attention. If you can help her, please contact an approved New Hope rescue immediately. A volunteer who met Lucy, has this to say: Lucy is showing us her shy side at the care center..Is she really? Time will tell...She comes cautiously out of her kennel and although she seems surprised, lets me put a coat around her body. It is so cold outside. She likes treats and searches my bag for more. Lucy is a good looking and sturdy girl dressed in a vanilla and orange wrap. Her face is a bit stoic. She seems to have been a mother a few times already. She walks nicely on the leash and eliminates on the way. She seems fine with other dogs met in the street or in the yard. Returning from our stroll, Lucy and I settle in the garage. She comes very close to me and lays her head on my lap. She is a very dear and gentle girl who now purrs very faintly under my caresses. There are so many other dogs to walk but I know i have to give Lucy more time. She needs reassurance, she needs to feel like a pet who can still give and receive love. Lucy was found as a stray and is with us at the Manhattan Care Center. She is a lovely and quite affectionate girl who would make a wonderful and faithful forever best friend...if you give her a chance.
Posted on: Sat, 01 Feb 2014 04:19:09 +0000

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