VAUNE DAVIS BREAKS PERSONAL BEST AT TEXAS TT Vaune Davis the 54 year who became the oldest woman to finish the Race Across the West earlier this year (3 days, 14 hours and 26 minutes) despite her 33 year battle with psoriatic arthritis put in another inspiring ride this past weekend at the Texas Time Trials. Here’s her recap of the race. “A great weekend of racing at The Texas Time Trials. I was not well recovered from Race Across the West and had spent the summer doing home renovations rather than riding my bike. But I still bettered my prior Tejas 500 mile personal best time by 1:40 (with a time of 27 hours 28 minutes and 58 seconds) and came in third. The gain was entirely due to expert crew support from Michelle Beckley, her boyfriend Martin (who worked the night shift and for more than 24 hours without sleep), Meghan Birmingham, and LeAnne Short. The top photo tells a thousand words about how hard pit crews work at the TTT. The blur in the center is Martin refueling me on the second night, about 32 hours into the race. Below, Michelle Beckley tells me to get my butt back on the bike (not as politely as described in this public forum). Thanks also to Birgitte Haaning, wife of fellow 2014 RAW soloist Andy Haaning Christensen. I followed Birgittes (mostly) all-natural, low sugar diet and had no gastric issues or food aversion for the first time on a multi-day race, despite temps that reached 90 degrees and 80% humidity. This was a major breakthrough. Goodbye frankenfoods! Congratulations to the upright division winner, young ultra up-and-comer Valerie Litznerski, to second place finisher Lisa Craig Tuminello and to Kelsey Regan, who was cycling donuts around me before she succumbed to the Texas heat.”
Posted on: Mon, 22 Sep 2014 16:33:12 +0000

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