VERSE OF THE DAY CHRIST IS OUR DELIVERER.. Ps. 86:13 KJV FOR GREAT IS THY MERCY TOWARD ME: AND THOU HAST DELIVERED MY SOUL FROM THE LOWEST HELL.. Brethren, deliverance is the act of rescuing someone from a fight he or she cannot win.. The one who rescues becomes the DELIVERER.. DANIEL WAS THROWN INTO THE LIONS DEN, EVEN TO FIGHT A BATTLE HE COULDNT HAVE WON... GOD HAD TO COME DOWN AND RESCUE HIM.. Daniels friends, after defying Nebuchadnezzar, were made to fight the fiery furnace... The son of God had to come to their rescue... ARE YOU FIGHTING A BATTLE YOU CANNOT WIN IN YOUR OWN STRENGTH? THE LORD OF HOSTS WILL DELIVER YOU IN JESUS MIGHTY NAME... To defeat an opponent, you must be stronger than him... To bind a strong man, you must be stronger than him.. None of us is a match for the devil and his agents... But thank God, Jesus Christ is stronger than the strong man... HES STRONG AND MIGHTY IN BATTLE.. HE CAN DELIVER YOU FROM SEEN AND UNSEEN FORCES, EVERY DANGER AND ALL EVIL.. HE WILL DELIVER YOU FROM THE WOLF IN SHEEPS CLOTHING.. HE WILL EVEN DELIVER YOU FROM YOURSELF (YOUR FLESH).. All you need do is allow Him have His way in your life.. Surrender your life to Him today... ITS A SPIRITUAL THING.. MAY THE LORD OPEN OUR UNDERSTANDING IN JESUS MIGHTY NAME... SHALOM.!!!
Posted on: Thu, 22 Jan 2015 21:35:57 +0000

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