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Vangelis Song of the Seas... on electro-acoustic nylon guitar ! I truly dont know if the great Vangelis would appreciate this, even as a sincere tribute from an old admirer... As everybody knows, all Vangelis music is fundamentally for keyboards and percussion, only with occasional use of other instruments. But in the last decades the great master has used lots of samples on his keyboards and became able to synthesize electric and acoustic guitars with great perfection, as well as other instruments. He synthesized a spanish acoustic guitar almost perfectly in a song of his CD Oceanic, from 1996. Song of the Seas is from the same CD and the keyboard melodic solo sounds very similar to a guitar. So, I decided to try a very simple nylon acoustic guitar version with some electric effects for this very beautiful and relaxing piece. Of course all the wonderful keyboards ambience was lost. But here it is... as I could do it... My apologies to Vangelis, but this is a sincere tribute. This is one the very few Vangelis songs that can be played on guitar and I couldnt resist trying to do it... Nelson Soucasaux - Gynecologist, writer, drawing artist, photographer BUT NOT A MUSICIAN...
Posted on: Fri, 15 Aug 2014 23:28:59 +0000

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