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(Vibe) Movie Theory: Recently, Kevin Feige has stated that Marvels plans for the future of the MCU havent changed much, and a few years ago, someone from Marvel said that the next huge event would be happening in 2017. What if he was refering to Masters of Evil? Marvel has already staked claim to May 2017 at the same time as May 2016, but not 2018. You could say that maybe they anticipated Sony choosing to steal the May 2017 date when Marvel took May 2016 and that they didnt think Sony would be crazy enough to steal the 2018 date, but what if May 2017 was what Marvel was really after? Why am I thinking Masters of Evil over Thanos for Avengers 3? Marvel made history with The Avengers, which brought together heroes from five films into one to form a major superhero team on screen. What would be a logical next huge event? Bringing together a team of villains from previous films. Not only is it another first, its also very dangerous, which Feige has stated Marvel is started to be a little more dangerous with their films. Why is it dangerous? Because Hollywood hasnt had much luck with using multiple villains in one film(ex: Spider-Man 3 and Batman and Robin). Another reason to do Masters of Evil before Thanos is because many people are suspecting the Sinister Six in The Amazing Spider-Man 4, which would be a similar concept and make Marvel look like copy cats. Releasing Avengers 3 with the Masters of Evil in 2017 could make Sony with the Sinister Six in 2018 look like the copycats. Marvel surprised some people by announcing that Ultron would be the villain in Avengers 2 instead of Thanos, so why not announce Masters of Evil over Thanos? That would give them even more build up time for Thanos, even more heroes to face him to make it more extreme, and gives him more time to collect the Infinity Gems. What do you think? Is this possible? Is this wise?
Posted on: Wed, 11 Sep 2013 20:42:49 +0000

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