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Visuals are useful tools that help to answer questions that a reader may have as they are taking in the textual information. Some information is too complicated to read and fully grasp the concept, so a visual representation of the data should be used when the visual will enhance the text or if it can make the point of the text clearer. There is a wide range of visuals that are appropriate and useful: •Tables: numerical or prose (text) tables display data across columns and rows for east comparison •Charts: charts depict relationships through things such as arrows, lines, shapes, and other design elements •Graphic Illustrations: use pictures instead of data or words to convey an idea, such as a cutaway diagram of exploded diagram •Graphs: use numbers to create shapes, patterns, or shades Picking the right style of visual is crucial for displaying the information properly. Before deciding the correct visual, there are a few things that must be decided first. The purpose of the visual and what it will be representing is the first decision to make. After that, the author must decide who they will be creating the visual for. Things like their reading ability or their understanding of symbols must be taken into account. The form of style of graph can then be figured out based on what sort of information you will be presenting. There may be several types that would work, but there is usually one style that fits better than the rest. The right visual can bring a document or presentation together.
Posted on: Sat, 15 Mar 2014 16:03:23 +0000

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