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Voters need to complete the task begun this past November 4, because the new 114th Congress is not planning to do what needs to be done to restore liberty and put the brakes on bloated government. They are also not planning to oppose Common Core. Congress is not even planning to institute parental choice in DC’s educational system, where children suffer daily, at an annual cost of $29,409 per child! Republicans in Congress need to be reminded that “Consumer Choice in Education” is on the platform of the Republican National Committee Every voter who cherishes liberty and has compassion for the poor and downtrodden needs to call, write and visit their representatives and demand an end to this abuse of our nation’s children and rip-off of American taxpayers. What is not paid in the form of taxes is paid for crime prevention, social services and burnt down cities. By instituting universal school choice in our nation’s capital, the only school district directly under the jurisdiction of Congress, DC children will be able to escape their destructive public schools at half the cost, and set an excellent example for all 50 states. This would, for the first time in almost two centuries force educrats to be accountable to parents and taxpayers, resulting in major improvements and efficiencies by force of competition. For further clarification, please see Liberty Action Network: https://youtube/watch?v=8jJnphl_uT4&
Posted on: Mon, 15 Dec 2014 19:45:20 +0000

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