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WATCH OUT FOR THE GOLDEN PARACHUTES! Hicks/Blythe cronies are starting to develop plans for life after the gravy-train. We all need to watch for those little special sweet-heart deals that will be structured to set-up the Elite and Royals for life after the Hicks/Blythe Regime ends! For instance... Watch out for that Kim Peone special! Hicks signed an Executive Order to earmark a $10 million dollar slush fund for Kim Peone to set-up and establish a new IT Division/Business. With that $10 million she is seeking authority from Tribal Council to purchase the Cherokee Cablevision, CIC from John Parker, Cherokee BroadBand, along with the authority to roll Tribal IT Department into a new Tribal Utilities Company that she will be in charge of. Isnt IT one of her departments now? So she is admitting to being a failure and running a program in the ground? And somehow we are supposed to accept the fact that if we allow her to take over even more IT responsibilites that she will somehow then succeed? All that will happen is a whole bunch of non-Indians will get rich and siphon off the Tribes resources. The Tribe currently already owns at least half of Balsam West and 100% of Cherokee BroadBand... Why should we put another $10 million dollars into it? Only to secure Kim P. a long term career? And a fortune? In her zest to convince the Council about this idea she publically published Security flaws in our own IT system that puts alot of our financial structure at great risk of being hacked! The IT Dept sent out an emergency email clearly instructing everyone with a copy of that info to immediately return it for destruction. But was any disciplinary action taken against Kim? Of course not. Ask Hicks. This is similar to their push to try and take over the HR department, so Hicks/Blythe can stack it with their own cronies NOW in order to help them later. So watch out! Ask your Council Member to be extra cautious in approving this years budget to be mindful of those Golden Parachutes! And the outright thefts of Tribal Property as they lay in plans to leave their cushy posts. Just trying to do our little part. Quack Quack. Sgi
Posted on: Sat, 11 Oct 2014 22:44:28 +0000

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