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WEDDINGS are supposed to be happy events, but fists flew at this one after the bride’s uncles started arguing about who was in charge of the event. The trouble at Josephine Kabini and Magezi Hlongwane’s wedding in Ga-Tsebe, near Mabopane, Tshwane on Saturday started when Josephine’s uncle, Johannes Kabini (69), drunkenly started making a speech that made no sense. His younger brother,Bathini Kabini (60), tried to take control of the situation but that angered Johannes, so he punched his brother on the jaw. Bathini fell to the ground as guests looked on in horror. He was carried to a nearby house and given treatment to revive him. Johannes soon started feeling bad about his actions and spent the rest of the wedding crying alone. However, the violence didn’t stop the guests from celebrating the couple’s big day and they continued enjoying themselves. The next day, Johannes told Daily Sun: “I am sorry for what I did. It was supposed to be a joyful day for my niece but I spoiled it. “Anger drove me to unleash my fists. I felt that some people were undermining me as the older uncle.” The SunTeam tried to speak to Bathini but he was still nursing his injuries. A family member, who didn’t want to be named, said: “Bathini is still in bed.” I love weddings tho,now its like watching Cable TV. The Wild live. More reason to attend weddings. too bad i missed this one. a.w.a
Posted on: Mon, 07 Oct 2013 09:07:08 +0000

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