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WHO: Active Duty Service Members, Dependents, and Retirees WHAT: FREE Federal and State Tax Preparation Services WHEN: Beginning 26 January 2015, Mon-Fri 0830-1700 and Sat 0900-1300 (closed federal holidays) WHERE: Camp Pendleton VITA Center, Camp Pendleton Mainside, 16 Area, Building 1687 WHY: To Receive a Fast, Free, and Accurately Prepared Tax Return Beginning 26 January 2015, the Camp Pendleton VITA Center will provide FREE tax preparation services for service members, dependents, and retirees located in the vicinity of Camp Pendleton, California. Our staff of Marines and Sailors has undergone extensive training by the IRS and the California state Franchise Tax Board to prepare tax returns using professional-grade ax preparation software. Our staff is dedicated to: 1) Providing FREE high-quality tax preparation services to active duty service members, dependents, and retirees; 2) Ensuring that refunds are maximized and tax bills are minimized to the full extent allowed under state and federal law; 3) Processing tax returns that include non-military tax issues as well as tax returns that include military tax issues (combat pay, military moves, deployments, etc.); 4) Ensuring that tax returns are processed and refunds are returned to taxpayers as FAST as any commercial tax preparation business. Although commercial tax preparation services are in operation now, the IRS is NOT accepting returns until 20 January 2015 and will not process refunds until that date. The Camp Pendleton VITA Center will ensure that you receive your refund in a timely manner competitive with any commercial tax preparation service. Issues which may not be within our scope of services include extensive income derived from a personally owned/operated business, sale of assets other than stocks, bonds, mutual funds, or residences, and income from unusual investments (worthless securities, day trading, wash sales, etc.). If you are unsure, please contact the VITA Center at (760) 763-2517 to inquire as to whether we can handle your specific return. VITA CENTER CUSTOMERS MUST BRING: (1) 2 forms of Photo ID (including military ID). (2) Social security cards for themselves and all dependents. (3) Routing and account numbers for the account their refund will be deposited into. (4) Any and all documents substantiating all sources of income (W-2, 1099, 1098, receipts, etc.). (5) Prior year tax returns.
Posted on: Tue, 13 Jan 2015 00:42:39 +0000

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