WHO WILL COME. Malachi 4:5-6. THE TEACHINGS OF BISHOP DAVID HILL/THE LORD ELIJAH.PLEASE LISTEN TO OUR GOSPEL ON YOUTUBE. @ youtu.be/5s7aHPzreu8 -------------- O LORD IT IS TIME FOR THEE TO WORK. The hope of the world rest in mankind being willing to accept ELIJAH as the promised Messiah. He is the finality of Prophet-hood. If the world fail to hearken to his message, I will come and smite the earth with a curse. If, the most high would have just said I will send some Body, then we could have all joined the guessing game, like many people today. Some say the prophet Mohammed. John the Baptist, Jesus and Holy Ghost. But the most high did not want you in no guessing game, so he made it plain. I will send ELIJAH the Prophet. The Zenith Doctrine in the House of Israel when Jesus was on Earth was the coming of ELIJAH. Matthew 17:10-11 – Mark 9:11-12 It was believed by some people that John the Baptist was ELIJAH. Matthew 17:13. Matt 11:13-14, Mark 9:13, was John the Baptist ELIJAH? Yes and No. The scriptures we just read say Yes he was Elijah. John came in the SPIRIT and POWER of ELIJAH. Luke 1:17 He was not the Person ELIJAH, and he tell us so from his own mouth. St John 1:19-21 it is at this stage we must ask some very Important questions in Matt 17:3 Moses and Elias – (Greek spelling for Elijah) appeared talking with Jesus, do you think that, that was John the Baptist, no in no wise it was Elijah himself, why would John come in the SPIRIT and POWER of ELIJAH? Was ELIJAH just a Prophet? John the Baptist was more than a Prophet, read it in Matt 11:9 also the Bible, among them that are born of women there hath not risen a greater than John the Baptist, read it again, then John was greater than Elijah is that true? No, and this is our proof. John came in the Spirit and Power of ELIJAH. The Lord ELIJAH is without Father, without Mother, having neither beginning of Days nor End of Life. Even the Patriarch Abraham gave tithes to this man ELIJAH. Hebrew 7:2-8 Israel need a perfect knowledge of the Divine One. 1st Cor 15:34. And this is life Eternal, that they might know thee the only true God, and Jesus Christ whom thou hast sent. St John 17:3 And people that do know their God shall be strong and do EXPLOITS. Daniel 11:32 You need to look in your Dictionary at this word EXPLOITS it mean heroic or spectacular Action, You should be on fire for this Holy Message, read Hebrews 11:34-38 and Jesus disciples was preaching and teaching the message so valiant until the people said these that have turned the world up side down have come here also. Acts 17:6 we have some people that can EXPLAIN the doctrine of ELIJAH but do not Believe it, and we have some that Believe it, but cannot explain it. Blessed is every soul that Believe the teaching of the Lord Elijah. Ps 119:66 Heb 4:1-3 Psa 89:15-18. But to the unbelievers. Titus 1:15-16 Heb 10:28-30 man gone through three Dispensations Moses, Jesus, and Elijah, these three Dispensations was manifested when these three appeared on the Mount of Transfiguration. Matthew 17:3-4 we are in the Dispensation of ELIJAH at this time which is the KINGDOM AGE. The Lord ELIJAH is the LAST AND ONLY HOPE for mankind. 1st John 4:6 – 1st John 5:19.For more information please call-592-219-0430/676-6798/231-5546,after reading please SHARE
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