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Waking up to such timely, encouraging and spiritually strengthening daily text surely warms my heart. Jehovah is perfectly aware of our imperfections and limitations. He knows how hard it is for imperfect humans who have different personalities, characters, race, nationalities, cultures, economic backgrounds, opinions and views to live and serve him together in unity. That is why he keeps on giving us such lovely reminders. Jehovahs faithful servants of today who strive hard to obey and follow these Bible principles, surely, do reap the benefits of belonging in Jehovahs earthly organization and the spiritual Paradise. Am fortunate enough to say that, I AM ONE OF THEM !!! Are you???? Let your petitions be made known to God.—Phil. 4:6. When beset with trials, endeavor to meditate prayerfully on praiseworthy things. (Phil. 4:6-9) In Jehovah’s strength, we will withstand trials, not allowing troubling situations to be stumbling blocks. Sadly, over the years some have let the imperfections of others knock them out of the race for life. Differences in viewpoints in matters of conscience have become stumbling blocks for them. (1 Cor. 8:12, 13) If someone offends us, will we allow this to become a major issue? The Bible admonishes Christians to stop judging, to forgive others, and to avoid insisting on personal rights. (Luke 6:37) When you face a possible stumbling stone, ask yourself: ‘Am I judging others based on my own preferences? Knowing that my brothers are imperfect, will I let someone’s lack of perfection take me out of the race?’ Love for Jehovah can help us be resolved not to allow anything another human does hinder us from crossing the finish line. Ag
Posted on: Wed, 10 Dec 2014 02:48:07 +0000

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