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Was my true life but thanks be to god for all that I had to go through endure from the cops shooting at me at a young age going to the Penn strip clubs taking trips all for a dollar that green chaseing nothing but the wind and a dream material things lord thank u for letting me see me and bringing me out of the devils den tricks plays cons and games maturity growth and true understanding thank u for the patience and tolerance to love me and to bring me toward and home and back to reality a Thorn in the flesh father it was blinded and ignorant thank u for all that I had to go through to get me to where I am today in life even when I transgressed against u and the covenant as well as others lord lord lord a true burden I have bared in them streets bangen u name It father idolatry but u love me Im not worthy I was a true sinner u name it I done it mature I realize that a prideful and arrogant man is a foolish man I pray that u keep this thorn in my flesh so my lot and my giard keeps me in true serenity with patience humbleness humiliation lord understanding is clear and reality is real and karma has been my clothing and I bind it around my neck and my chest for suffercation knowledge and wisdom perceives to suwind s all understanding have mercy on me and my soul my life every knee shall bow every tongue shall confess I want never turn and rend ever again my word my promise men hear me take it from a lion love the kids love them ladies dont do or make the same mistakes as me focus and stand up to be real men why throw your lives to the wind and away for 14 years Ive maintained its not easy and its not hard if u have values and morals in and of life I work a smal job but Im here Im Free game no reality be blessed amen
Posted on: Tue, 27 Jan 2015 01:23:30 +0000

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