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Watching Pat Buchanan aka the Lord of Lies cry his little crocodile tears for Hunter S. Thompson in the documentary Gonzo made me want to hurl. If you watched the Watergate hearings and THEN read Fear and Loathing on the Campaign Trail 72 as I did, you could not help but read the subtext---Pat Buchanan lounging beside his good buddy at DC pools, giving him helpful little tips about how to help out Dr. Gonzos favorite democratic candidate, McGovern---who also happened to be Nixons hand picked Democrat I most want to run against in the general, Pat see what you can do to set it up. Yessir, Mr. President, heres this little memo Ive been working on. I think it will do the trick. But the last laugh is on you, Pat. The Race Memo fell flat on its face. Yes, Pat, honey, baby. We know you wanted Obama to be the nominee. Because you thought America would die rather than elect a half African president. I am about 82% sure you wrote the Race Memo or commissioned someone else to write it, probably about the same time you were writing Ghettoizing Barrack. You fed it to someone who fed it to the press and to Obamas campaign. It was supposed to stay secret until the general, just after the nomination convention---which was supposed to be a lot more like Chicago 1968 and a lot less like Woodstock----when it was supposed to make a bigger splash than Eagletons shock treatment. Except this is not 1968, this is the 21st century, you pre-segregation pinhead. So, what has your life of CREEPY dirty tricks accomplished? You broke Thompsons heart. Probably contributed to his suicide. That make you feel proud? Is disillusionment the best you can hope for since your fall from Jim Crow grace? Must suck to live in a world where the only thing you have going for you is being WHITE. Once you have to give up all that white privilege what have you got left? Whats going to keep the boogey men away at night when the lights are off and no ones at home and youre all alone? Oh, wait! Youre the boogey man! Just dont look in any mirrors and youll be ok. grandtheftelectionohio/060410.htm
Posted on: Sat, 05 Apr 2014 23:14:40 +0000

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