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We all love to hate Norma Bates. Vera Farmiga brings Norma to life like no other could have. Shes the perfect bad ass mom!! Cant get enough of Vera? Want to see more of her work? Here is a list of her movies: The Judge Robert Downey Jr. plays a lawyer who heads home when his father, a judge, is implicated as a murder suspect in this comedy... 2014 At Middleton At Middleton Adam Rodgers romantic comedy At Middleton tells the story of George (Andy Garcia) and Edith (Vera Farmiga), two people who... Edith 2014 The Conjuring The Conjuring A demonic entity lays claim to family living in a secluded farmhouse, prompting them to seek the aid of two renowned... Lorraine Warren 2013 Closer to the Moon image is not available Closer to the Moon 2013 Goats Goats A pot-smoking teen from an unstable background finds difficulty adjusting to life at an East Coast prep school despite... Wendy 2012 Safe House Safe House A rookie CIA operative goes on the run with a rogue former intelligence officer after a South African safe house comes under... Catherine Linklater 2012 Higher Ground Higher Ground Actress Vera Farmiga makes her feature directorial debut with this adaptation of Carolyn S. Briggs autobiography, This Dark... Director, Corinne Walker 2011 The Vintners Luck The Vintners Luck A winemaker is coached by a wise spirit in this fantasy set in the early 19th century, based on a novel by Elizabeth Knox.... Aurora de Valday 2011 Henrys Crime Henrys Crime A man who was wrongly accused of bank robbery decides to live up to his criminal record in this romantic crime comedy... Julie Ivanova 2011 Source Code Source Code Jake Gyllenhaal headlines this sci-fi time-travel thriller directed by Moons Duncan Jones from a script by Ben Ripley and... Colleen Goodwin 2011 Up in the Air Up in the Air Jason Reitmans adaptation of the novel Up in the Air tells the story of Ryan Bingham (George Clooney), who makes his living... Alex Goran 2009 Orphan Orphan An outwardly angelic little girl displays an unforeseen devilish streak upon moving into the home of her new adoptive parents... Kate Coleman 2009 Nothing But the Truth Nothing But the Truth A tense political drama ripped straight from the headlines, Rod Luries Nothing But the Truth tells the tale of a Washington,... Erica Van Doren 2008 The Boy in the Striped Pajamas The Boy in the Striped Pajamas Vera Farmiga, David Thewlis, and Asa Butterfield star in Little Voice writer/director Mark Hermans adaptation of John Boyne... Elsa, Brunos Mother 2008 Quid Pro Quo Quid Pro Quo A man who cant walk meets a woman who envies his condition in this offbeat black comedy. Isaac Knott (Nick Stahl) lost the... Fiona 2008 Never Forever Never Forever Korean filmmaker Gina Kim directed this erotic drama about a womans dangerous response to her husbands fertility issues.... Sophie 2008 Joshua Joshua Sam Rockwell and Vera Farmiga star in director George Ratliffs uncomfortable psychological thriller Joshua, as Brad and Abby... Abby Carin 2007 Breaking and Entering Breaking and Entering A petty thief is the link between a well-to-do businessman and a single mother struggling to get by in his edgy, emotional... 2006 The Departed The Departed Legendary director Martin Scorsese takes the helm for this tale of questionable loyalties and blurring identities set in the... 2006 Running Scared Running Scared A minor crook finds himself in major peril when a hot weapon goes missing in this violent crime thriller. Joey Gazelle... Teresa Gazelle 2006 In Tranzit In Tranzit When the female guards at a Soviet prison camp mistakenly receive a shipment of German POWs, their attempts to single out... 2006 Down to the Bone Down to the Bone Independent filmmaker Debra Granik makes her feature debut with the drama Down to the Bone, based on her award-winning short... Irene 2005 The Hard Easy The Hard Easy Henry Thomas and David Boreanez play two uniquely different men with one very similar problem in director Ari Ryans... 2005 Neverwas Neverwas A man seeks to unlock the mysteries of his familys tragic past in this drama. Zach Riley (Aaron Eckhart) is a psychiatrist... 2005 Mind the Gap Mind the Gap A handful of New Yorkers with little in common cross one anothers paths as they try to sort out their romantic and emotional... 2004 The Manchurian Candidate The Manchurian Candidate Jonathan Demme directed this updated remake of John Frankenheimers 1962 cult favorite The Manchurian Candidate, a pioneering... 2004 Touching Evil [TV Series] image is not available Touching Evil [TV Series] Susan Branca 2004 Iron Jawed Angels Iron Jawed Angels German filmmaker Katja von Garnier directs the HBO original movie Iron Jawed Angels, inspired by a pivotal chapter in... 2004 Dummy Dummy The sophomore effort from writer and director Greg Pritikin, who previously co-directed and acted in 1998s Totally Confused,... Lorena 2003 Dust Dust Love and war divide two brothers in a drama from award-winning director Milcho Manchevski, his first since his acclaimed 1994... 2003 Love in the Time of Money Love in the Time of Money Like La Ronde, Peter Matteis debut film Love in the Time of Money consists of a series of conversational duets that... Greta 2002 15 Minutes 15 Minutes An action drama centering on the media circus, 15 Minutes focuses on a New York homicide detective named Eddie Flemming... 2001 UC: Undercover [TV Series] image is not available UC: Undercover [TV Series] One of several government-espionage series unveiled during the 2001-2002 TV season, UC: Undercover detailed the exploits of... Alex Cross 2001 The Opportunists image is not available The Opportunists In this downbeat drama, a reformed criminal finds himself led back to a life of crime. Fresh out of prison, former... Miriam 2000 Autumn in New York Autumn in New York An man gets an unexpected lesson in love and life from a much younger woman in this romantic drama. Will Keane (Richard Gere)... Lisa 2000 Law & Order: Expert image is not available Law & Order: Expert Two people are shot, one fatally, in a restaurant restroom. It may be that only one of them was the intended target -- or... 1998 Return to Paradise Return to Paradise This remake of Force Majeure (aka Uncontrollable Circumstances), a 1989 film with Alan Bates and Kristin Scott Thomas,...
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