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We have a requirement with our direct client for a DEVELOPER Position: DEVELOPER Duration: 12+ months Location: Columbia, SC Submission Deadline: 24 Jan Please include resume, rate, current location, and contact info all in one email. This information is vital to our screening process and prompt selection of your candidates for submittal to our direct clients. RESPONSIBILITIES: Take initiative in performance, working independently and with groups to effectively accomplish project objectives and engage in the following: · Design and document subsystems and system components consisting of (in OO terms) several objects working together to execute an encapsulated function of the larger system. · Implement and debug subsystems and components. · Write and execute tests for subsystems and components. · Participate in integrated test sessions of components and subsystems on test and production servers · Interact with representatives of other industry and government groups to understand and/or recommend data interchange formats, APIs, messaging strategies, application server software, as well as hardware and virtual machine requirements. · Determine and communicate the implications of system-level decisions on subsystems and components and help determine how best to mitigate or take advantage of these implications. · Determine and communicate the requirements and capabilities of components within the context of the larger system, project, and team. · Interact with other software engineers and technical leaders to understand subsystem and component specifications and recommend changes to facilitate efficient and effective development. · Support management of the team’s technical infrastructure (e.g., repository, build system, testing system) under guidance from the engineers or other project leads. · Participate in efforts to share technology and expertise within the organization; mentor junior and aspiring software development engineers. · Perform tasks efficiently and work together with the team to ensure project success. Candidates should be expert software applications developers in both visual interfaces and web services construction. In addition, they should be expert in the most effective and efficient product development using Microsoft Visual Studio 2010, C#, .ASP.net, .NET, MS SQL 2008 R2 enterprise server and MS SQL 2008 enterprise server Reporting Services, TFS (Team Foundation Server). This includes code development, unit testing, source code management, build management, integration testing, and deployment. Required Skills: • 7+ years of experience independently designing and implementing medium to large-scale software systems and components using .net architectures. • 5+ years experience developing data-driven applications utilizing significant relational database engines as part of the overall application architecture. • 5+ years experience building web-based software systems, utilizing N-tier architectures, dynamic content, highly-scalable approaches, and complex security models/implementations • Knowledge of Microsoft operating systems and at least two application, database, messaging or web server systems. • Successful design and implementation of multiple software components and subsystems. • Ability to communicate the design and implementation of software systems including relevant strengths/weaknesses and reasons for implementation decisions. • Ability to communicate (orally and written) effectively with technical, non-technical staff, and customers/stakeholders as needed or directed. • Ability to communicate effectively with the agency and information technology staff. • 6+ years MS Server 2008 enterprise server, MS SQL 2008 R2 enterprise server and MS SQL 2008 enterprise server Reporting Services • 2-4 years TFS (Team Foundation Server) • Microsoft Visual Studio 2010 • 6+ years C# • 6+ years ASP.net • 4-6 years Java Script • 2-4 years SSRS • .NET · 6+ years VB .NET · 6+ years .NET Framework 3.5/4.0 Preferred Skills: · NHibernate, CA-Erwin data model, DOORS · SubVersion (Source Control) · Preference will be given to experience related to Child Support Enforcement system design and developed and/or knowledge of the Child Support Enforcement programs mission and objectives · Experience with Agile software development is a plus Environments and Tools Please include resume, rate, current location and contact info all in one email.to [email protected]
Posted on: Tue, 21 Jan 2014 05:03:17 +0000

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